Why Is It Important To Service My Boiler?


Have you ever wondered why we pop outside to check the flue on your boiler during an annual boiler service?

Maybe this photograph shows just how easy it is for your boiler flue to be blocked or damaged. Although ivy and other climbers look lovely through the spring and summer, they pose a particular risk to the safe working of your boiler. Lets look at why.

When a boiler burns natural gas the by-products of this combustion (known in our industry as the “products of combustion) are mainly carbon dioxide and water vapour. Neither are poisonous or directly dangerous but this is only half the story.

The gas in your appliance needs oxygen to burn. This is obviously taken from the air, but what happens if the appliance can not get enough oxygen from air due to a blockage? It will instead use some of the oxygen from the carbon dioxide (CO2) in the “products of combustion” leaving deadly carbon monoxide (CO) instead. As this continues the remaining oxygen burns leaving just the carbon (C) which we all know as soot!

The science is simple, so please ensure there is always enough fresh air to feed any gas appliance, keep flues clear and ensure all appliances are services every 12 months. It might just save your life.

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