Our Apprenticeship Scheme

Here at SJL Heating & Plumbing, investment in people is hugely important. 


For the last few years we have been running a successful apprenticeship scheme which has resulted in our first full time apprentice realising his ambition of becoming a full time heating engineer with help from SJL Heating & Plumbing


Here is a little of Matthews story:


"When I first started as an apprentice it all seemed a little strange getting used to new terminology and how to take responsibility for things myself.


Working with Stuart is a pleasure, I loved my time at SJL, learning new things and training to be a heating engineer. Some things are tougher than others but there is always a solution to problems and Stuart is great at explaining everything.

Some days can be hard work. Some days are long and busy, especially in the winter, but in the end its all worth it.


Working for SJL Heating & Plumbing is a great opportunity, the apprenticeship has given me great skills for the job and also personal skills that I now use on a daily basis.

All the hard work has certainly paid off,

I've realised in this job you never stop learning!! "


Matthew Mawdesley (Past Apprentice)